Monday, September 2, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Celtic Tempest by Ria Cantrell

Monday, September 2, 2013-Satin Sheets Review of Celtic Tempest by Ria Cantrell

            Title:  Celtic Tempest

            Author:  Ria Cantrell

            Author’s Website:

            Genre:  Historical Romance

            Length: 302 Pages

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            In Fourteenth Century England, landless knights are forced to obey the ruthless monarch without question. Sir Andrew Brandham, knight of the Realm and captain of the Elite Guard of Ragnorsen Keep is called to do just that. When his best friend, Sir Erik Ragnorsen is commanded to nullify his marriage to the beautiful Rhianna Du Montefort because they have yet to produce an heir, Sir Andrew accompanies him to do battle with the will of the king. Erik is being forced to marry the daughter of a Scottish Laird in order to form a tenuous Peace between the Highlanders and England. The idea of divorcing his beloved wife to marry a loathsome Scot is beyond Erik’s vow of obedience and honor. He is imprisoned for his impulsive disobedience and Drew is left to form a scheme to save his friend. When he sees the Scottish lass who has been chosen for Sir Erik, he is instantly drawn to her and while his plan unfolds to aid Erik, Drew forms a friendship with Bronwyn, daughter of the Laird and High Chief of the Clan MacCollum.
Bronwyn MacCollum was raised in the Highlands, where the past is steeped in traditions of the “Old Ways”. A long time ago, Bronwyn had a vision of her intended, but realizing he was an Englishman, she vowed to change her destiny. The English were always the enemies of her people and she would not bring danger to her beloved clan. Only, she becomes a pawn in the sadistic game of the King of England and Robert the Bruce and is being forced to marry an English knight after all. Upon seeing the man she is betrothed to, she knew her vision had been false because he looked nothing like the man who had invaded her dreams since childhood. With vehement disregard for the king’s decree, she declares her hatred for Sir Erik Ragnorsen and would rather risk war than to marry him. Only, when she meets Sir Erik’s personal guard, Bronwyn realizes that sometimes you cannot fight what is destined from the start. Sir Andrew Brandham was familiar; more than familiar. He was the man of her visions and nothing she could do could make her deny it.
Bronwyn and Drew are filled with distrust and betrayal seeps into both of their hearts. They suffer through many storms that batter their hearts and souls like rocks at the edge of the tempestuous sea. Can their love survive the lies and heartache they are each guilty of? Can Bronwyn escape the Destiny and the pull of the Old Ways and create a path without Drew or will love help them both to embrace the course Destiny has chosen?
Angela’s Review:
            Celtic Tempest is the prequel to Ms. Cantrell’s first book, Celtic Fury. It is set in 14th century Scotland and England. As with her first book, the author brought a bit of magic to the tale she spun and it brought out the whimsical flavor I love in a romance story.
            Instead of being meek and shy, Bronwyn was like every young woman ready to take that next step into womanhood, and I loved that her character was forthright with her desires for Drew. I especially loved it when her legendary Scottish temper would flare! The chemistry between her and Drew was sweet and believable.
            Ms. Cantrell combined the two things I love in a sexy, alpha hero…a kilt and armor! I really enjoyed the scene where he has to face Bronwyn’s brothers and father, though I’m glad they didn’t have the opportunity to beat him senseless!  That he would go, knowingly, into a den of vipers to ask for her family’s blessing was not only heroic, but also honorable. It was definitely a big sigh moment for me.
            Throughout the read, there were numerous conflicts, which only heightened the suspense of the read and kept me turning the pages. One minute I wanted to slap Drew upside the head, and the next I wanted to scratch Daria’s eyes out!
            Overall, I really enjoyed this book, as well as the first one. The more I read of Ms. Cantrell’s work, the more she reminds me of one of my favorite Scottish Romance authors, Beatrice Small. If you love a true historical romance with a bit of Fae magic thrown in the mix, you will definitely enjoy Celtic Tempest by Ria Cantrell.
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