Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catrina's Satin Sheets Romance Review Of Love You More.

Title: Love You More
Auhtor: M. L. Stephens
Publisher: M. L. Stephens.
Genre: Paranomal Romance
Length: 181 pages
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Love You More.

In life she found love, but can she hold on to it in death?

Her life was fabulous, until she was murdered, but now she knows. There are only two things in a person's existence that truly matter—before and after. This is Jade's after.

Caught in a realm between life and death, Jade is torn between the unexpected love of a stranger, catching the people who killed her, or remaining true to the man she was meant to marry.

With the clock ticking, she struggles to find a way to save the life of her best friend, while deciding which man will claim her heart. One wrong decision could leave her stranded in limbo for all of eternity.

A friend, a fiancĂ©, and one unexpected stranger…which will she choose?

Catrina's Review:

In the spirit of full disclosure I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

From the beginning, the main character jumped to life. The first chapter left me breathless, and kept me hooked. I adore how it was handled.

I enjoy when the main character's POV is so deep I can experience everything along with the character. I think all authors strive to create that deep connection. M. L. Stephens did so flawlessly.

The details are just enough to enhance the story, without detracting from the plot, or slowing down the flow. I adore when I stay submerged in a story. It's a rare treat for me.

All the characters were larger than life, even the baddies. The plot is full of interesting, unexpected twists that will keep readers guessing. I've grown adapt at reading between the lines and predicting what will happen next, so I love to be surprised.

This is the first book of her "Broken Series" and all I can say is that I look forward to reading the rest of the series. Well done M. L. Stephens.  

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