Friday, December 28, 2012

Ava's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Submit to your Fantasies

Title: Submit to Your Fantasies

Author: Lynn Myshe Joseph

Genre: Erotic Romance


Length: 21,499 words


In this anthology, Lynn Myshe' Joseph lets you explore 5 different fantasies, from the boardroom to the bondage room.
You will discover what it feels like to be bound and restrained, the hesitations and doubts of first timers, and how thin is the border between reality and fantasy.
Welcome to a world where you will submit to your fantasies!

Satisfying Her BDSM fantasy:
Being bound for your lover, writhing under their touch, begging for more is erotic all in itself, but, now, think for a moment, what it could be like to experience being bound and pleasured by multiple people all at once, bringing you to the ultimate peak of satisfaction. Would you dare it?

Office Dreaming:
The office is a place of working, water cooler talk and chugging down horrid coffee- until you are so enthralled by a sexy co-worker that you cant think straight. The the office becomes a place of pure desire, as you imagine being in very compromising situations with your hot as hell colleague. Hmmmm...

My night with an actor:
So we have all had those nasty dreams of our favorite celebrates; what we would do to them, what we would allow them to do to us- oh it can get good! The opportunity has come for this young woman and, well, lets just say she makes good on every sinful thought that has ever crossed her mind about this man.

Facing her Fear:
What happens when a fantasy, something dark, wicked and hot,that you have ached for so many nights, is about to become a reality? Do you face it or run away?

The Domme I asked for...:
Every man wants a strong, dominate woman to control his every move in the bedroom, right? When such a wish is granted, how do you react?
Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.


One very intense collection of short and very hot fantasy stories that are sure to raise your body temperature and leave you wanting more! Submit to your Fantasies has it all; vanilla sex, bdsm, ménage, anal play and more. Each story had excellent detail, various settings and characters which help to give each fantasy the realistic feel I believe Lynn is aiming for. I honestly felt like a voyeur at times as if I was there watching the couples (and ménage) get down and dirty. Any fan of the erotic genre will find intense enjoyment in Submit to your fantasies :)

I strongly recommend a cool tall glass of your favorite beverage, possibly a fan and a private room. This is not a book to read when around others or in a public place (unless it’s your honey, then that’s another story) *wink. I look forward to reading more work from Lynn Myshe Joseph and hope she has some new release(s) soon!

4 Satin Pillows
Heat rating of 5 pillow mints

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  1. OMG Thank you!!!!!! I am so glad you enjoyed and yes I have more works out there and more coming! Thanks again!

    1. LOL- My pleasure Lynn :)
      I'll keep my eyes open for them.