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Nadene's Satin Sheets Review of Money Can't Buy Me Love by Julie Reilly

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Before Linzi Hughes won the Lottery, her only problem was trying to lose some weight for her best friend’s wedding so she didn’t look quite so much like a giant purple heifer in her bridesmaid’s dress.

Linzi’s first act is to hire dishy personal trainer Ronan to transform her from BBW to babelicious celebrity party girl. But losing her friends, her fiancé and her self-respect along the way when the tabloids tear her to shreds hadn’t been part of the plan. Finally hitting rock bottom, Linzi wakes up in hospital with a pair of matching wrist bandages that really don’t go with her Jimmy Choos.

When widower and single father Scott Trelawney meets secretive “Jennifer” in his quiet Devon village, he has no idea she is infamous Z-lister Linzi in disguise, hiding out from the dirt-digging paparazzi. He falls in love with her sweet personality, but how can Linzi ever tell him who she really is?

WOW! I am still trying to catch my breath after reading this story. Money Can’t Buy Me love is a gripping, emotional and true to life read which is set in Blackpool, Cheshire and Devon located in the United Kingdom.  I have never been to any of these places, however after reading this book I felt as if I were a part of it.  I have no regrets for the sleep lost while reading this story. 
The main character, Linzi brought out an array of emotions such as love, hate and pity. Linzi has been struggling with her weight from as far back as her childhood.  She was ridiculed as a result while attending high school. In college she tried to overcome her insecurities by being jovial.  It was easy for persons to gravitate to her because of her cheerful and loving personality; however no one realized the struggles she was faced with.  She was engaged to a fabulous guy who loved her dearly.
This all changed when she won the lottery. She went through a dramatic weight loss; however in the process she became dishonest, selfish, malicious, self-absorbed and spiteful.  She lost her friends and fiancée as a result.
She tried to gain the approval of the rich and famous but she was not welcomed with open arms. She was ridiculed and treated like trash. Her behavior became erratic and one could not help but pity her at this point.  
After hitting rock bottom she tried to get away from it all and as such she changed her identity and moved to the country. It was at this point that she realized what she had become and tried to make changes in her life.   During this change she met Scott, a single father and widower. They were immediately drawn to each other.  Linzi aka Jennifer was afraid to tell Scott about her past and she was constantly living in fear that he may find out before she was ready to tell him the truth.  
Linzi/Jennifer was someone I could absolutely relate to where it concerns her insecurities in regards to weight and the struggles she faced in shedding those pounds. The story emphasized that no matter how much money you may have it cannot guarantee you happiness or love and  that one can achieve their goals if they put their mind and hearts into it. There was some laugh out loud moments. Linzi/Jennifer was able to overcome her insecurities and became a better person as a result.  The story held me from the beginning and I could not wait to see how it ended and I must say I was not disappointed.  Readers can relate to the ups and downs that Linzi/Jennifer was faced it and how she triumphed in the end. This book is a must read and as such I would definitely recommend it.

Title is awarded 5 satin pillows.

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