Monday, December 10, 2012

Forever Love by Jaden Sinclair

Monday- December 10, 2012 – Satin Sheets Romance Reviews – Forever Love by Jaden Sinclair

 Title:  Forever Love

Author:  Jaden Sinclair

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Length:  166 pages

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He’s a Guardian, she’s a Noble. Two worlds that never merge, and yet when Shadow answers the call to help bring back two Noble daughters their worlds do just that. Merge.

Falling for a Noble has never been a thought, and yet that is just what happens to Shadow. Alone for more years than he cares to remember he feels life flow into him once more when Janecka Ashford looks at him. He craves again, dreams of other things besides fighting. For the first time in many years he simply wants to be normal, and with her he can.

Love is forever in his eyes, and with Janecka she will always be his forever love.

 Angela’s Review:

 Jaden Sinclair’s Forever Love is the third book of the Guardian Series

I went into this book a bit skeptical, as it is not my normal genre read.  There is a strong possibility that I may have become hooked on the “vamps”, as I’ve added Ms. Sinclair’s Guardian books one and two on my own “To Be Read” pile, and I anxiously wait for book four to hit Amazon!

I didn’t need to read book one and two to realize that all of Jaden’s heroes are totally hot and alpha, as they make appearances throughout this story and Shadow didn’t disappoint!  With his sexy Australian accent and his possessive nature he was a true hero in my book, with an endearing gentle side when it came to his woman.

I found Janecka to be a bit too worldly, too quickly for someone being secluded for most of her life, but the author made the connection between her and Shadow strong, and it worked.   A reader will find themselves rooting on this pair, as they overcome the conflicts that are thrown in their paths.

Forever Love was a great read.  It kept me thoroughly entertained from the beginning to end, and I literally found myself wanting more of this story, and thankfully Ms. Sinclair will be fulfilling this with a book four for the Guardians.  It’s a must read!






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