Saturday, December 1, 2012

Krystal's Satin Sheets Review of Brianna by Linda Andrews

Brianna by Linda Andrews
Length: 260 pages
Genre: Historical/Paranormal

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Love, lies, and an ancient Egyptian curse. Brianna Grey holds the key to mankind’s destruction and someone is willing to kill for it. Having spent most of her life dying of consumption, one man’s kiss has resurrected her desire to live. For US Treasury Agent, Duncan Stuart, love means death. He works alone, lives alone and plans to die alone until he meets Brianna again. Under the harsh Egyptian sun, Duncan will break all his rules to save her but will it be enough to overcome the secrets that could get them both killed?

Krystal's Review:
Curses, Egyptian Goddess's, romance, murder and intrigue.

I enjoyed Linda Andrews story, Brianna. It was a very unique twist and the chemistry between the two main characters was intense and entertaining.
We follow Brianna on her journey to return a necklace to the sands of Egypt. It was very interesting to me. I've never read a historical where they traveled to Egypt and I enjoyed the author's interpretation of the setting. She was really able to bring it to life for me.
My only complaint was that the book was a little over populated. It was one of only a few books where I had to reread constantly to keep my characters straight. There were so many families and travelers and extras, that it made it a little confusing.

My favorite part was the dialogue and banter between the hero and heroine. It kept the book moving and kept me very engaged in the story. Brianna is a hoot and I really enjoyed getting to know her.
If you like a little fantasy mixed with your history, Linda Andrews has a great tale to tell.

Brianna is awarded 3 Satin Pillows

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