Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Her Island Destiny by Annie Marshall

Tuesday, December 18, 2012- Satin Sheets Romance Reviews- Her Island Destiny by Annie Marshall
 Title: Her Island Destiny
Author:  Annie Marshall
Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Length:  230 pages 

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In the days of Wallace and Bruce, two worlds and centuries collide on the breathtaking Isles of Orkney and Skye.

Cian MacKyleakin, known as the dreaded Wolf of Moal has dedicated his life to fighting for Scotland, but when his lineage is challenged, adding fuel to the rumors that are circulating through the English court, Edward Longshanks declares that the only way he can retain his lands is to marry the only daughter of the MacKinnons. But when she’s found dead, things get complicated very quickly.

Isla MacKinnon, call sign Valkyrie, is a CH-47 Helicopter pilot for the United States Army. Isla's helicopter is attacked and crashes in the Afghan mountains. As the only survivor, she is ordered by her doctor and her command to take R&R to recover. Instead, she finds herself fighting for her life when a simple picnic on the beach turns perilous.

 Can these two fallen warriors find the passion they need within each other’s embrace when they are from two different worlds and centuries? 

Angela’s Review:               

                 Her Island Destiny by Annie Marshall is a time travel romance set in 13th Century Scotland.  Though this book can stand alone, Marshall’s novellas Her Highland Destiny and Her Noble Destiny should not be missed. 

                The Scottish Highlands and its history are already a magical setting on its own, but Ms. Marshall’s story draws you even further in and by the time the book is finished, the reader feels as though they have journeyed to the past themselves. 

                Cian MacKyleakin, with his giant seven foot frame was as powerful, as he was vulnerable and it was refreshing to see such a brawny highland laird in that light.   However, this special man needed the right woman and Annie didn’t disappoint with the heroine in this entertaining read.

                I absolutely loved Isla MacKinnon’s character, and loved how the author was able to maintain the heroine’s strength, even while Isla had moments throughout the book where she battled with PTSD, and the horrific memories of her past.   Isla was a character I could completely relate to, and my favorite scene was when she is being introduced to Cian’s clan in Orkney.   When she opts to be introduced as the Laird of the MacKinnon, rather than Cian’s betrothed.  His response is priceless, and had me laughing out loud. 

                Her Island Destiny was an amazingly fun read, and I was able to devour both novellas and this read in a weekend.   If you’re looking for a great book that is packed with magic,  action and romance Her Island Destiny by Annie Marshall is a must read.  I was pleased to see it ended on a hanger………….that means that there is more to come from this story and author.  Absolutely loved it!!!   




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  2. Good review, I need to add this one to my TBR :-)