Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angela's Review of Unforgiving Ghost by Candy Little

Sunday, December 30, 2012 Satin Sheets Romance Review Unforgiving Ghost by Candy Little
Title:  Unforgiving Ghost
Author:  Candy Little
Author’s Website:
Genre:  Inspirational Romance
Length:  180 pages
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Trying to deal with her grief, Megan Black leaves her small farm in Illinois and moves to the quaint city of Santa Barbara, California. As she struggles with the memories of her past, she soon learns that you can't run away from your problems. In fact, she’s just found more trouble! The tall and handsome, Steven Peterson is causing conflict in her heart. Can Megan find peace in God and faith to choose the right path? Or will chasing ghosts cause an unforgiving heart that only leads to destruction?  
As the son of a billionaire, Steven Peterson is used to getting what he wants – usually without even trying. So he find it intriguing when the new cook for his family does everything she can to avoid him. However, his intrigue quickly turns into love. But Megan is hesitant to fall for a playboy. Can he prove that he’s a changed man and earn her trust? Will his true character shine through the shallowness when their love is tested?

Angela’s Review:
            Unforgiving Ghost is the second book that I have read by this author, and it didn’t disappoint!   I was totally drawn into the storyline from the very first paragraph! 
            The grief coming from Megan was so well written that I could actually feel my own heartbreaking for this young woman.  Ms. Little did an amazing job of giving the reader just the right amount of Megan’s past to keep me turning the pages for more.  I love Megan’s loyalty and her generous heart and she came off as the girl next door.  
            I fell in love with the Peterson family!  It was a great rags to riches background and I absolutely loved that they gave back to their community.  Their support for Megan came off as genuine, and it was fun to see the generosity toward this lost soul that unexpectedly came into their lives.  I will admit I totally wanted to reach out a smack their daughter, Tiffany when her character was introduced into the story.  The emotions I felt throughout this read attested to the writer’s amazing ability to draw her reader’s emotions in to the many intense situations.
            When it comes to Steven Peterson all I can say is………….I love him!!!!  He has that wild past, but its his confidence that gets to me.  There is nothing sexier than a confident man.   Steven is painted as the “player” type, but deep down he has been burnt and isn’t interested in love until Megan comes along.   Watching Steven transform in this story was so moving, and was the main reason I fell in love with his character.
            As I was reading this sweet story, and like I do with every story…………….I tend to make my predications.  Candy Little totally threw me for a loop, when the storyline took a whole different turn.  It was a good turn.   I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but it was an unexpected and the twist had me devouring the remainder of the book into the wee hours of the night!!!   
            If you are looking for a touching, slightly spiritual, romance then Unforgiving Ghost is a must read!!   By the end I cried, and in my personal opinion Ms. Little has the ability to write a story that touches all your senses.  A wonderful story and I look forward to more from this author!!!     


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