Monday, February 3, 2014

Samantha's Review of Hunted Dreams

Title: Hunted Dreams
Author: Elle Hill
Publisher:   Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Length: 302 Pages
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Her history, her whereabouts, her name: She knows nothing. Nothing but her current reality: a constant stream of horrific, surrealistic scenarios in which she fights not only monsters and unseen attackers but also her own pain and despair.

Reed Jayvyn is an ex-Army vet, penniless and living in his truck. After saving a young man from attackers, he finds himself embroiled in a superhuman drama between the Broschi and the Clan, two groups engaged in a centuries-long war. Worse, he finds he is one of them—a Broschi, a psychic vampire that feeds off the pain of humans. But Reed’s greatest surprise comes each night, when he finds himself dreaming of a fierce, nameless woman.

She is dreaming. So says the handsome man who uses his heretofore latent psychic ability to flicker in and out of her dreamscape. With Reed’s help, she slowly learns more about who she is, why she is here, what trauma in her past keeps her locked inside her mind. Meanwhile, Reed explores his own heritage, discovering enemies and allies in unexpected places.

But most important to Reed is freeing this woman caught in an endless loop of nightmares, someone he considers in every way to be the woman of his dreams.
Samantha's Review:
Kat cannot remember anything about herself. All she knows is that she goes from one Nightmare to another. She doesn't even remember her name until she meets Reed in one of her Nightmares. Something is different about him. She can actually see him unlike the evil things in her Nightmares. Having Reed there and talking to him helps her to remember things. The dreams start changing. They are not as scary and they almost seem like memories. Reed says he is going to find her and help her. She has fallen in love with him during their time together. Having him there has made her stronger and she feels like she is strong enough to wake herself up.
Reed is an ex-Army vet and is living in his truck. He has a huge appetite. Always has, but with no job how is going to afford to feed himself soon. Then he runs into a boy getting ganged up on and has to help him even though the kid doesn't seem so happy about his help. The kid takes him home with him and tells him that he is more than human that he is something called a Broshi. And that they feed off of peoples emotions like pain. The kid and his family convince him to stay with him for a while to learn more about himself and what they are. While sleeping he starts dreaming of a girl. She eventually tells him that her name is Katana.  He knows something is not right and he vows to find her and save her. He has a feeling that she is in that house somewhere. But Reed has secrets. What will happen when those secrets are revealed and will he be able to find and save Kat?
I thought that this book was great. I will admit that I found the book a bit confusing at first when it kept talking about a girl and different dream like scenes that always had something horrible happening in them. But once you get further into the book you start to have an idea of what is going on. I really liked Kat's character and the fact that no matter how horrible those Nightmares were she didn't give up. I definitely recommend reading and I know I will be checking out the rest of the books in this series.

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