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Angela's Review of Arielle: Immortal Quickening by Lilian Roberts

Monday, February 17, 2014-Satin Sheets Review of Arielle: Immortal Awakening by Lilian Roberts

Title:  Arielle: Immortal Quickening

Author: Lilian Roberts

Author’s Website:

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Length:  418 pages

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A fatal night...
College co-ed Arielle Lloyd is on vacation with her immortal love, Sebastian Gaulle, when they receive word of a dreadful accident. Her dear friend Gabrielle hovers near death. But it's much worst for her beloved friendsAn immortal choice...
Troy Vasser's only love is Gabrielle, but on the night of the accident, his deepest concern is for their dying friends. When the life force within Ian and Eva flickered dangerously low, Troy had to make a hard choice. He could either them them die or lose their humanity and live as immortals. So he did the only thing he could: he gave them immortality. Now it is up to Arielle to break the news to Eva before the transformation is complete.
A quest for vengeance...
Danger continues to stalk Arielle's life. Unknown to her, her new professor is an immortal, and he is furious when discovers that Arielle is wearing an amulet that should be owned by immortals only. Sebastian's nemesis, Annabel, has also not given on her quest to destroy Arielle. What Annabel doesn't realize is that Arielle's circle of friends drastically changer. There are two newly minted immortals that adore her and have vowed to protect her.

Angela’s Review:
I really love the idea of an immortal romance, however there was so much world and character building that the story line wasn't there for me.
I kept hearing about the villainous, Annabel and only saw her once through the entire and for me it was the best scene. Major cat fight and there was so much action. I felt the hero's reaction was not very emotional. His girlfriend is in danger of being murdered...and he has a company to run!
I'm giving it a three based on the fact that this writer's imagination is off the chain, but the plot needs to be strengthened and the story needs to be condensed to keep it moving forward. If you love immortal romances and want to give this a chance, I would suggest reading the previous books, as this is really not a stand-alone read in my opinion.
Also, this ended on a major cliffhanger!

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