Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Starling Darling by Dorothy Annie Schritt

Wed., February 12, 2014-Satin Sheets Romance Review of Starling Darling by Dorothy Annie Schritt

Title:  Starling Darling

Author:  Dorothy Annie Schritt

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Length:  382 pages

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With their little daughter, Patty Cake, who was lost to them for 13 years, safe at home with them, we find the Westovers enjoying life to the fullest, until they discover what happened to their sweet child. Shay wants revenge for Patty's sake and his. Samson And Sunset left us with a new baby on the way, thrilling the whole family. Life is never simple for these two lovebirds. They get dealt cards that would try the best of us.

Will Shay hold his family together or will he seek comfort in the arms of another woman? Callie has always let her faith in God lead her, she leans on God for answers, and simply solutions, but will an accident take Callie's faith from her, or bring her closer to God?

Kelly, Wes, and Patty will find that they must grow up faster than they had anticipated. Did Shay and Callie raise them to be strong enough to overcome the adversity they must face?
Starling Darling is as sensual as Samson And Sunset, yet, for Shay and his Callie, their love is still so pure, and as innocent as the day they met. Starling Darling will keep you turning the pages, seeing what and where these two are going next.

Angela’s Review:

Like Samson and Sunset, Ms. Schritt gives another captivating story of raw emotion and love. This author's writing is so genuine and in-depth, that a reader is easily drawn into this throng of characters and the story surrounding the ups and downs of their lives.
I thoroughly enjoy this author's writing and her amazing ability to weave a tale.

If you're an avid romance reader, then Starling Darling by Dorothy Annie Schritt is a must read.

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