Monday, February 10, 2014

Daria's Review of Embrace the Desire by Spring Stevens

Embrace the Desire 
Publisher : Crimson Romance

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Payne, a Destroyer with a tormented past, has a vendetta against his father, Damon, Lord of the Underworld. Forced to put his revenge aside, he is ordered to take Chanta Timbers through her transition from human to half-goddess. She’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen or touched, and his desire for her threatens to burn him alive. With the odds stacking against him, he must relive his past, conquer his inner demons, and see past the pain that has controlled his every action in life.
As a member of the One Race, Chanta must allow Payne to take her through the transformation or die. Even though she refuses to acknowledge the desire she is feeling, she is powerless against her body’s reaction to his. No stranger to the terror of the supernatural world around her, she is scared of the beast that lurks under his skin and of the darkness that peers out of his shadowy eyes. But with each passing hour, her hunger refuses to be denied and threatens to devour them both.
The gods, meddling and always interfering with destinies, stand between Payne and Chanta, each one with their own agenda. Payne must defy the gods, endure torments and pains, and see past the revenge and bitterness that has dwelled in his heart. Chanta must see past the beast, accept him as he is, and open her future to a life with the devil’s son. With so much against them, including an impending war in the Heavens and the Underworld, can they defy the odds and accept the love and desire that is screaming both their names?

 Daria's Review 

A world at the brink of chaos... Sorrow... Hate.. Death is the worlds path, all for or all because a woman scorned. Gods and fate work their wares as what was is no longer, what is the possibilities? What will win the day? Vengeance comes in all forms.. in this form its called Payne a destroyer and the son of the devil. Never has he felt anything the would resemble love. A child is born, her destiny erased and now she must rely on Payne to help her through her burning. Payne a male that Chanta doesn’t even like,  he is rude and obnoxious. Chanta is told that there is no one stronger, that if she doesn’t let Payne help her she will die. Jealousy and the need of power... well isn’t it usually about power? We have Gods, demons and angels... Magic, books and trades... We have the one emotion that may conquer all... Love. Step into the world that Ms. Stevens has so awesomely penned for us. Feel every emotion come to life. Think about if there was such a thing, as higher beings able to rewrite destiny at only a whim. I enjoyed the book and hope you do as well.

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