Friday, February 14, 2014

Roseanna's Review of Slow Ride by Kat Morrisey


Contemporary Romance/218 Pages
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Kyla O’Grady hit the gas and drove her Mustang out of Rock River, Pennsylvania, with one goal in mind: to find somewhere to start over. Her life had gone sideways back home and Kyla needs something new, something fresh, and to find the music again. But on a stretch of road off the coast of Maine, her car has other ideas. Broken down just inside the town limits of Ashten Falls, Maine, Kyla is stranded.
Cooper Moretto has a problem. In fact, the whole town of Ashten Falls has a problem, in the form of a corrupt town official. Cooper had enough on his plate to last a lifetime, but on a stretch of highway heading into the town, he spots a ’67 Mustang Coupe and does what any decent mechanic would do: stop to help. But getting this car back on the road is the last thing on his mind when he sees its owner, singing as if she weren’t in the middle of nowhere.
Kyla is speeding away from her past, unsure how to move forward. Cooper has been on cruise control, just hoping to get through every day without being arrested or harassed. Can the two slow down long enough to see that maybe the answers to both their problems lie in each other? And can they survive when enemies lurking in the shadows try to destroy them both?
Sensuality Level: Sensual

 Roseanna Review  
I was hooked from page one. Between the crocked cops, the diverse characters, and the mustang name Lola, I was thoroughly entertained. The story became somewhat predictable near the end, to me at least. I was pleased with the growth that Kyla had throughout the book. The secondary characters were well developed, and I hope that they will get their own book in the future. Grab your beverage, a throw, and get comfortable while visiting this small town. 

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