Friday, October 12, 2012

Satin Sheets Romance Reviews: Gabriel by Chris Lange

Title: Gabriel
Author: Chris Lange
Author Website:
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: 65 pages

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Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory? Only one woman, born with a rare, invisible power, and hate for his kind deep in her blood. Now she has to face the master who has become a legend. His name is Gabriel.

Holly's Review

Let me begin by saying I loved the premise of Ms. Lange’s paranormal erotic world. The heroine, Calista, has a gift and it’s not exactly a vampire’s best friend. I like Calista’s character and her joy in sexual liaisons with the undead even when she plans to destroy them.

Gabriel is wonderful and it’s hard not to like him from the beginning. It doesn't hurt that I have a “thing” for the name Gabriel. I very much enjoyed the story, characters, and the author’s European vernacular. Certain words caused me to chuckle throughout the course of the story, “After hoisting her skirt up, he ripped her knickers off.”

I felt the writing was choppy in places but I have a feeling that as Ms. Lange’s experience with the pen continues, her work will grow into the great stories she is destined to write. I’m hoping for more of this world but know I will enjoy whatever she develops in her nasty talented thoughts.

Gabriel is Awarded:

4 Spicy Satin Pillows 


  1. Loving the cover and nice review Holly, can't wait for some down time so I can catch up. :)

  2. Ooh Paranormal and Erotic? Color me there! This is already on my TBR...guess I'll be moving it up.;) Good job Holly!