Saturday, October 20, 2012


Title:     Stained
Author: Ella James
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
File Size: 363 KB
Print Length: 230 pages
Publisher: Barkley's Books; 5 - 8/15/12 edition (September 14, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. - Kindle & Paperback

After a fire destroys seventeen-year-old Julia's home and kills her foster parents, she chases the half-demon responsible across the country and back, determined to avenge her family and discover why a host of celestial baddies want her dead. With Julia is enigmatic hottie Cayne, who has his own score to settle with the half-demon, and who might be just as dangerous as the creature he and Julia hunt.

Susan B. Anna’s Review

When Julia's foster parents are killed in a fire, and her home destroyed, she is once again orphaned and very much on her own once more.  Scared and still trying to figure out what that thing was that surfaced from her burning house Julia leaves her life behind, ventures out on her own and ends up in an abandoned warehouse, and miles away from the place she once called home.

Days later Julia is jerked awake by a loud thud on the roof, and soon after Cayne crashes through the ceiling and literally falls at her feet.  Unbeknownst to Julia she now has a body guard and Cayne is now forced to help Julia find the half demon responsible for ruining both of their lives. As they embark on a journey to make things right and keep Julia alive, she soon starts falling in love with Cayne and learns why the half demon known as Samyaza destroyed her home and killed her parents, Cayne’s reason for going after him and why she must learn more about her past. 

Stained keeps one interested, and the chemistry and banter between the two is not only comical but also so very refreshing.  As a (YA Paranormal Romance) novel and first of three, “Stolen,” being the second and “Chosen,” being the third, you can bet the plot shall only get better. 

Will Cayne and Julia remain together or will she forever be forbidden from seeing him once she finally meets the rest who are deemed as “Stained?”   Ella was able to keep me interested and  so I will most certainly soon find out.  



  1. Nice review Susan!

    This is one of my favorite YA series. I'm VERY behind in it right now. But enjoyed the world Ella James created for her readers and plan to get my butt in gear to finish the series :)

    Thank for sharing!

  2. Thanks ladies really appreciate the feedback and can't wait to read rest of series either ReneAva.

  3. Ooh a favorite! Add an orphaned girl, guardian angel and a demonic individual and you totally have my attention. Good job on the review!