Thursday, October 25, 2012

Satin Sheets Reviews Aphrodite's Hunt by Jennifer Blackstream

Title: Aphrodite's Hunt
Author: Jennifer Blackstream
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: 235 pages

“When a vampire gets involved in a werewolf mating ritual, you know there’s going to be blood . . .”

Gia is a werewolf with a mission: to have a submissive mate who will never threaten her dominance. For years she has ruled as the lupa of her pack with just such a mate. Then one night her perfect little arrangement comes to an end when her mate betrays her with another woman. Outraged at the insult to their lupa, the pack calls for one of their most sacred rituals: Aphrodite’s Hunt. For three nights Gia will be the prey, hunted by the eligible males of her pack until one proves himself worthy by finding her and claiming her as his own. If Gia wants to escape the erotic ritual that even her own wolf longs for, she will have to find someone to protect her not only from her pack . . . but from her own carnal desires.

Sorin is a vampire with a secret. Haunted by the macabre sins of his past, he has sworn off blood, determined to stick to a diet of siphoned energy that leaves him too weak to pose a threat. When Gia comes to his door, possessed by a heated desire and desperate to make a deal, Sorin quickly turns her away. But he soon finds out that Gia is not a werewolf used to taking orders. One bloody kiss is all it takes to awaken the beast he has kept trapped inside of him for so long and suddenly Sorin finds himself swept up by a renewed hunger for the warmer things in life.

Now Gia wants out of the deal and Sorin wants . . . her.

Natalie Gibson's Review:

Aphrodite's Hunt was written for readers exactly like me.  If you like paranormal romance with vampires and werewolves, heavy on the erotic with plenty of blood drinking, wolf chasing and dominant males, then this is an excellent choice.  It was a quick and smooth read. The pace was steady but fast.  There was no slow build.  We are introduced to Gia on the worst night of her life.  Her mate has just cheated on her and her pack has called for an archaic (in her mind) ritual in which she must run and be hunted.  The victor will become her new mate.  To make matters worse, there is real magic here and her body betrays her at every turn.  She is aroused by the dominant males that would normally repulse her.  She runs to the only safety she can think of - the local vampire, Sorin.  Sorin is something much more interesting than a mere vampire and his condition complicates matters when all Gia wants to do is hide out in his home until the hunt is over.  Well, that's what she wants until she is actually inside Sorin's home.  Once there she is consumed by the need for him, and resist it though she might, she can't hide her arousal and increased heartbeat from a vampire.  
This book was well done for erotica that skirts the edge of horror.  I would say that a good 60% to 70% of the book was sex or thinking of sex, but maybe that was just me.  When it is not about sex, there is a lot of fighting, scrapping, and chasing (sometimes even those things are about sex).  This was an action packed read that I finished in just two nights. There is quite a bit of blood.  Sorin has lived in denial of his true nature for ages and when Gia comes in he loses all control.  He almost kills her several times, at least one of which is while they are having sex.  There is a lot of gripping of hips until they bruise.  Vampire/Werewolf loving...ah, sweet beautiful agony. 
The characters' back stories were wonderful and the creatures' mythologies were rich. Both main characters do a lot of real growth. They change throughout the story which made for a well rounded read.  Gia was just as strong as Sorin and that worked for me.  I don't enjoy wilting weeping female characters.  This had none of those.  It was well written and well planned.  I did not know what was going to happen next but I knew I had to keep reading.  I plan to read more from Jennifer Blackstream.  I've already bought, read, and reviewed the first in her Revenge in Vein Series.

Aphrodite's Hunt is awarded: 5 Satin Pillows...though, after a night with Gia and Sorin, they would probably be shredded to bits.
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