Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you write romance? We write reviews!

Hi from Satin Sheets Romance! We are a new

review site for romance books.

Satin Sheets Romance reads paranormal romance, historical romance, contemporary romance, erotica romance including BDSM, romantic suspense and some young adult titles.
We are honest when we review books. This means if we liked your book (or not), then we offer honest reviews for our followers. Also, reviews will be posted on Goodreads and possibly on Amazon after it is posted here on Satin Sheets Romance.
Satin Sheets Romance is open to do reviews, interviews, guests posts and/or contests and giveaways.
If you’d like us to review your book, please send us an email @
Please put “Review Request - (Your Name) - (Name of Book)” in the subject line. 

Follow this format when you submit, please.
1) Author’s name,
 2) Email,
 3) Website link,
 4) Book title and blurb,
5) Whether or not you are interested in hosting a contest/giveaway. 
(DO NOT send MS or covers until they are requested.)
All review requests are sent to our reviewers database. Should a reviewer select your book, they will contact you directly to get a copy of the book, set a date for the post and to determine how you would like to get involved. Please be aware that we cannot possibly contact everyone. You will be contacted only if your book is selected.

Please make sure you have all the above information listed in your review request in the above format, otherwise we will not be considering your book for review. It takes a great deal of time to stay organized. Please help me by following the guidelines. Thank you and we can't wait to read your books!
Hugs from Satin Sheets Romance

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