Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Samantha's Review of Baby by Design by Elley Arden

Baby by Design
Author: Elley Arden
Publisher:  Crimson Romance
Genre: Romance
Length: 170 Pages
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Trish DeVign knows what she needs to be single, successful, and satisfied. She needs a baby. With recent relationships falling short of her expectations, she’s single by choice. With a thriving interior design company, she’s got successful covered. It’s the satisfied part that eludes her, and that’s her mother’s fault - not her adopted mother, but the mother who gave her away, sentencing her to a privileged life with two good people who don’t share with her a single drop of DNA.
Tony Corcarelli has spent his adult life as the black sheep of his large Italian-American family ever since he turned his back on running the family carpentry business so he could live a more laidback life, forcing his sister to take the reins. Now, Tony’s grandmother has cancer, and he’s expected to join the family in making her wishes come true. Unfortunately, the two things Nonna wants most for Tony are two things he can’t fathom: a wife and kids or the priesthood. There has to be another way.
When Trish asks her best friend’s brother, Tony, to escort her to a wedding, a night of fun and flirtation turns serious, with Trish confessing she wants a baby. Could a calculated conception be the answer they’ve both been looking for?
Samantha's Review:
Trish wants a baby. She dosn't need marriage or a relationship. Just someone that will be in the baby's life. She got tired of dating potential husbands. Now she is dating potential fathers. Trish is adopted and she wants that closeness of having one blood relative. She will do just about anything to accomplish this goal. Including giving her best friends brother a proposition.
Tony definately has the hots for Trish. He can't seem to stop thinking about her. But she is his sister's best friend so it is hands off. Or at least that's what he thinks. When Trish needs a date to a family wedding she asks Tony. When he see's her that night he can't believe how amazing she looks. He can't seem to help himself. He puts the charm on full blast.
Trish can't help herself. With the way Tony was acting and the things he would say it pushed her to doing something that she knew she shouldn't. It comes down to this. Trish want's a baby without having a man in her life. Tony's nonna is dying of Cancer and everyone in his family is coming up with something amazing for her before she goes. Tony still dosn't know what to do. Nonna made her wishes for Tony clear. She either wants him to become a priest or to get married and have children. So when Trish asks him to make a baby with her he is unsure about it at first. The more he thinks about it though he knows that it will be the perfect gift for Nonna.
Things aren't always as easy as you think though and if Tony and Trish thought that they were going to keep thier hearts out of this, they might have another thing coming.
I thought this book was great. I would definately recommend reading. I love that no matter what the problem is they find their way past it. Tony is considererd the screw up in his family and Trish is a competent business owner. Trish does not see Tony as the screw up that everyone else does. I like that even though it upsets people like her best friend Trish is always defending Tony. I like that everyone in Tony's family is willing to go to extreeme measures to make sure that Nonna's last days will be wonderful. 

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