Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Patricia's Review of : Secrets and Lies by Shay Lacy

Secrets and Lies
187 pages/Romantic Suspense 

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Lies are his specialty, but sometimes the truth can be deadly.

Actor turned private investigator Charlie Ziffkin has traced a stolen sculpture to the hometown that haunts him. He needs to find the statue and get out of town fast, but when he learns the police use his former sweetheart Juliana Sanchez’s psychic abilities to locate stolen goods, their reunion seems fated. He loved her as a boy; as a man with a terrible secret, he has to let her go. Juliana knows firsthand how well Charlie plays whatever role suits him, whether P.I. or lover, so he could be pretending to desire her while using her to find the sculpture. He stole her teenage heart and now she’s risking it again, but if she doesn't help him, he’ll be in even greater danger. Being with him is the ultimate thrill … until bullets fly. Charlie and Juliana are in over their heads with ruthless men willing to kill, and with the sizzling attraction they can’t control. 

 This is the first book I have read from Shay and what can I say but wow. Charlie and Juliana were best of friends while growing  up, They were sweethearts and were ripped apart after graduation.  It seems that they were fated to reconnect when Charlie comes home to find a stolen artifact. He finds his ex girlfriend helping out the police.  The most embarrassing way possible by the way, He gets arrested while trying to solicit Juliana for sex. She was part of a sting operation and he was trying  to get info on the whereabouts of the sculpture and where it might be. That incident sets things in motion for Charlie to  reconnect with the girl of his dreams and use her at the same time . Juliana has psychic ability , that helps her find lost objects by just touching a picture of that object. When she first touches Charlie there is a tingly sensation that hits her right in the core , like there is something lost on him, what she doesn't realize that Charlie is the lost object that she is meant  to find and hold onto. This was a fast read for me, the characters are all well written and poppa Sanchez so reminds me of the over protective father of a daughter. We either know of a father like that or had a father like that. Trying to keep their little girl a little girl .  Charlie is the bad boy actor turned private eye , knowing that he is a better P.I then an actor. He holds a dark secret that has him hiding from his family and keeping him from living a good life.  But in the end turns it all around. There is a lot of sex in this book. Which I was happy for, they finally get to live out what was suppose to happen when they were younger.  They are consumed by sex at points in the book , seems like there was more sex then sleuthing. But at the end of the day  sleuthing gets done and the bad guys get taken care of . The sculpture gets broken so no one can benefit from its ill  gotten gains. So everything turns out alright. If you want to read a hot steamy story on a cold winters night , this is the book for you. It wont disappoint in the steamy aspect at all. 

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