Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anne's Review of The Rebel's Own by M.O. Kenyan

Title:  The Rebel’s Own

Author:  M.O. Kenyan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Website:


 Back in high school, a cruel “game” by the popular crowd left shy Kennedy Bailey pregnant and alone. But now she’s gorgeous and grown-up and she won’t let anything stop her from saving the life of her five-year-old son when he’s diagnosed with leukemia. Even if it means confronting his father, NFL quarterback Ryan Carville.

As her child’s health takes a turn for the worse, Kennedy feels helpless and resolves to pull off a daring scheme—seducing Ryan to create another baby to save the one they already have. They reconnect for a steamy one-night stand, but Ryan can’t forget about the dark beauty.

When he discovers the truth of who she is, Ryan is shocked and determined to give his son everything he needs, which includes marrying his mother. But a quickie wedding in Vegas won’t solve all their problems. Can Ryan show Kennedy that he’s changed from a spineless boy to a man worth loving?


Anne’s Review:

When I first got this book to review I was intrigued with the premise and had high hopes for this book.  Sadly the story did not meet expectations.  There were parts of this story that really touched my heart but others that left me shaking my head.  The characters were well developed and I fell in love with Riley.  At times I feel like the story was rushed and other parts did not develop.  Overall it was good but not great.  I do feel however, this author has great potential and I will read more of her work.


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