Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Angela's Review of Samson and Sunset by Dorothy Annie Schritt

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014-Satin Sheets Romance Review of Samson and Sunset by Dorothy Annie Schritt

Title:  Samson and Sunset (Westover Series Book 1)

Author:  Dorothy Annie Schritt

Author’s Website:

Genre:  Romance

Length:  436 pages

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It's 1963 in Hudson Nebraska and twenty-one year old Kathrine (Callie) Mitchell is from the wrong side of the tracks. A virgin in every sense of the word until a simple date takes a dark turn, she winds up with child. When pregnant, abandoned Kathrine meets young, wealthy rancher and legendary playboy, Shay Westover, no one is more surprised than her when sparks fly. But can Shay change his Don Juan ways when women flock to him like flies to honey? Is chemistry enough to keep two such opposites as a poor, fiery city girl and a cocksure, young rancher together? Erotic, authentic and exciting, Samson and Sunset is a one of a kind love story you won't want to put down.

Angela’s Review:

Samson and Sunset is the first book in Ms. Schritt’s Westover Series.
I enjoyed this read very much! It is very obvious from the beginning to the end that this author writes from the heart! The plot was realistic and the reader can easily connect with the characters. The hero and heroine’s connection is the reason I love to read romance.
If you love an intriguing, in-depth romance, I would recommend Samson and the Sunset by Dorothy Annie Schritt!

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