Thursday, December 5, 2013

Daria's Satin Sheets Romance Review of No Strings Attached by Suzan Butler

 No Strings Attached
Publisher: Soaring Phoenix Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance/282 pages

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Ashlynn Connolly has been Ethan Kearney’s best friend since they were twelve, despite the difference in their tax brackets. Though he played
stupid pranks on her as a child, and left for a career in the Navy, Ash has always stood by him. But now Ethan has a deadline, and he’s going to
put their friendship to the test with a business proposition—a marriage proposal. If Ashlynn hadn’t been flat-out broke, and about to ask for a loan from her best friend, she might have laughed at Ethan’s proposal. But being laid off with a small child to care for alone changes one’s perspective and the idea of being Ethan’s wife is too much to turn down, and not just because of the money he offers. Getting married is the simplest solution to both their problems, or so it seems. But while the passion between them scorches the sheets, a shadow from Ash’s past prepares to burn them more thoroughly than either ever expected.

Daria's Review :: 
Do or can best friends fall in love... grins. Well it would depend on what one was willing to risk. Ashlynn and Ethan was friends with benefits. I
had to grin as there wasn't the sliding into bed but jumping into bed because they already knew each other.
The not strings comes into play Ash needs financial help, Ethan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and needs a wife to secure his
inheritance. They both play a game of I don't care, and we follow them into a wee bit of a yo-yo mentality. I want to stay, I dont want to stay.
They both delude themselves in believing the feelings they feel will pass or don't even exist.
As Ash's best friend Ethan is horrified at how she is living, more so because she didn't say anything. Ash assumed he was living his life and she
would live hers. They will need to come to terms with his manipulative parents that want Ethan to settle down, and Ash's feelings because of her
past relationship(which was a “donkey” and in jail for abusing her, leaving her without a stead means to take care of her son). As friends though
they argue a lot some important things, some not so important. Though Ethan was good to Ash's son, they just didn't seem to connect.
The characters for me was a bit blah, but I did enjoy the concept of the storyline. Two best friends helping each other toward a mutal goal, How
does it end? Happily Ever After?? Take a chance and read it. You will be like Mikey and like it! Smiles......enjoy.

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