Sunday, December 1, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Saved by a Rake by Em Taylor

Sunday-December 1, 2013-Satin Sheets Romance Review of Saved By A Rake by Em Taylor
Title:  Saved By A Rake
Author:  Em Taylor
Author’s Website:
Genre:  Regency Romance
Length:  174 pages
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When Lady Rebecca Eversley is left ravished by the Earl of Newthorpe and facing ruination, she has the choice to point her pretty little nose in the air and face the gossips of the Ton or scurry off to the country to live out her life as an old maid. When she meets Lord Daniel Ramsey, a notorious rake, she decides on the former course of action.
Daniel has been given an ultimatum, marry before his father dies or lose the majority of his inheritance money. Rebecca seems the perfect candidate, especially once rumours about her start to circulate in the drawing rooms of Mayfair.
When Newthorpe is found dead on the morning of their wedding, the people they care about find themselves suspects in the case. Who murdered Newthorpe and can Rebecca ever get over what he did to her?

Angela’s Review:
This was a very riveting, well-written book.  It was everything I thoroughly enjoy in a Regency Romance. 
Daniel Ramsey has to be the sexiest, most honorable rake in all of England, and of his time. His protector qualities and open-mindedness in regards to those he cares for only paled in comparison to his dark, commanding good looks.
I loved seeing the wounded, humiliated Rebecca at the lowest point of her life, and how the author did an exceptional job raising the character back to the strong, young woman she had always been.  Such an amazing growth and storyline.

If you are an avid reader of Regency Romance with a bit sexual tension, then you do not want to miss out on Saved By A Rake by Em Taylor.

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