Sunday, December 15, 2013

Satin Sheets Romance Guest Author : Molly Harper!

With the recent release of RHYTHM AND BLUEGRASS and the upcoming release of my third werewolf book, HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF, loyal and lovely readers often ask whether they should  crossover between my genres.  My contemporary readers aren’t sure how bloody and scary I get in my paranormal titles.  And my paranormal readers aren’t sure whether my work will be the same without pantsless werewolves running around. So, allow me to compare and contrast the two areas of my work. Here’s what is the same about my contemporary and paranormal work: Snarkiness – My writing voice is very much the same sarcasm-laden, first-person quirkiness in both genres.  I guarantee laughter, from belly laughs to abrupt snickers.  In either category, I will make public transportation very awkward for you.  (People tend to move away from you if you laugh too loud for no apparent reason.) Wackiness –  I put my poor heroines through their paces no matter what I’m writing.  Librarians get mistaken for deer, shot by drunk hunters and turned into vampires.  Human gals find out that their expected job promotions are not forthcoming in front large groups of influential people – while wearing satellite-sized picture hats.  Holiday dinners are ruined by exploding side dishes.  The situations will be awkward and completely unexpected, because many of them are inspired by incidents from my life.  (Except for the deer thing.  I have never been shot.  Not even by mistake.)

Sexiness –  The “hotness” rating is pretty equal between the two areas.  I don’t see any reason why humans should have less enthusiastic or creative love scenes than vampires or shifters.  I will say that of all my books, AND ONE LAST THING… and HOW TO FLIRT WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF are considered my sexiest works.  Then again, HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF
hasn’t been released yet, and trust me when I say that Anna and Caleb put the “naked” in Naked Werewolf.
Here’s what’s different. Monsters – Clearly, I don’t include vampires and witches in my contemporary novels.  My brand of supernatural creature is a bit weird compared to the average paranormal romance.  Some of my vampires live in trailers and occasionally deal in counterfeit Snuggies. My werewolves are more interested in carbo-loading than human carnage.  Imagine the weirdest, but still basically harmless, guy you know and give him magical powers.
Cursing – For some reason, my werewolves use a lot more cuss words than my humans, who are more demure.  I blame their isolation from polite society.  It gets rough in Grundy, Alaska.  Or maybe it’s the nudity thing.  Once you’ve seen most of your adult relatives naked, dropping the f-bomb doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  Dilemmas involving death – I don’t kill off characters in my contemporaries.  (At least, not yet.)  For some reason, I end up bumping off my adorable old man characters in my paranormals, to the point where my writing partner asked if I have grandpa issues.  To be honest, I torture myself over it and usually end up crying for several days after writing the death scenes.  But really, for books about supposedly bloodthirsty creatures, my books include very little violence.  I can’t handle a lot of blood and gore myself, so I’m writing for people who have a very low “ew” threshold.
For more information about my books, go to  RHYTHM AND BLUEGRASS is available now in ebook and audio.  HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF will be available in print, ebook and audio on December 31, 2013 from all major book retailers.

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