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Angela's Review of Trusting Patience by Jennifer Simpkins

 Trusting Patience by Jennifer Simpkins

Title:  Trusting Patience

Author:  Jennifer Simpkins

Author’s Website:

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Length:  287 pages

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After a scorching hot kiss that happened years ago, Jesse Daniels has wondered what it would be like to have something more with her longtime best friend. The only problem is, besides some mild flirting, Bradley Lawrence has never hinted at sharing her feelings. In fact, he doesn’t even remember the kiss.

Bradley has many loves—his hometown, farming…and women. For the most part he lives a carefree life with no plans of changing—until he discovers the feelings Jesse has secretly had for him. Now, she is all he can think about, and it’s going to take a lot of convincing to get Jesse to see that he is a changed man. But in the end it all comes down to one simple fact—is it worth the risk of ruining their friendship over the possibility of finding love?

Angela’s Review:

                Trusting Patience is the third book in this series by Jennifer Simpkins. It’s still set in the small, close-knit town of Patience that I have come to love. By the time you’re done reading this series you’ll want to relocate and grab yourself a slice of heaven. The book was a page turner and I devoured it in a day!

                The heroine in this book, is near and dear to my heart. She is a take charge and take no crap kind of girl. There is nothing fake about Jesse Daniels!  As matter of fact, I thought she deserved someone better than Bradley.

               From the very first book in this entire series, Bradley was painted as a womanizer. However, Ms. Simpkins did an amazing job redeeming his questionable qualities. Within the first few paragraphs, I was falling hard for this smooth talking, sexy country boy!!!   This story shed light on Bradley, and all the struggles the youngest Lawrence brother had to cope with at such a young age. I loved that the author didn't have the heroine going out on the limb, and that the hero pursued her until the very end.

            As with all of Ms. Simpkins’s books, I absolutely loved this story. I thought I could actually read this one without breaking open a box of tissues, but it didn’t happen. A father and daughter dance at the wedding had me in tears. It had to be the sweetest scene I’I've ever read! 

If you love strong heroines’ who speak their minds and sexy, country boys who know how to make a girl swoon, then you will absolutely love Trusting Patience by Jennifer Simpkins.
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