Saturday, November 9, 2013

Daria's Review of My Demon Determined by Alicia Dawn/Nikita Jakz

My Demon Determined 

(My Demon Trilogy, Book 2) 

By: Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jakz
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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“Into the bowels of hell I would follow you.” 
“Good because that's exactly where we’re going.” 
Never in her wildest nightmares did Seraphina see herself taking refuge in the underworld. Cole, however, should have seen it coming. Sera’s kin would never let her go and that was the one place their holier-than-thou feet couldn't tread. Unfortunately, residing in a realm where the vilest of depravity thrives only adds to Cole’s problems. Now he must keep Sera safe from not only her kind, but his debauched brethren as well. Even Cole’s demon-half has become more volatile, the constant subjection to evil taking its toll. His world is no place for an angel. He needs to find a solution so he can get her the hell out of there.  And he needs to find it fast.  When the opportunity arises to finally solve their dilemma, he jumps at it with talon-claws swinging. But it’s a dangerous mission - and Sera’s riding shotgun. As deadly adventures unfold and all hope seems lost, Cole is forced to search inside himself. With a soul that’s riddled with more questions than answers, can he find the lifeline they need? 

Daria's Review 
Most relationships have their ups and downs, but one with a demon and a angel will have your head spinning. Cole snagged his angel taking her with him to his home. Which for most it would be fine, but a angel in hell? Just bound to be problems. Sera what a joy and a pain, smiles. She almost reminds me of a kid in its terrible two's. On the run from her side of the family, she most happy in her demons arms. I just loved it! Both the story line and its wonderful characters. Yet and still
their adventure isnt over, if the end of the book is any clue. A few times Cole's demon side came up we arent really sure what that side actually
feels about the Seraphine, that His human side is courting. The Master will allow Sera to stay hidden in the depths of hell, but of course their will be a price for this. There are a few things Cole will do for the Master, as payment but Im sure it wont be that easily done. The sweet little angel hums with passion as her demon puts her body through the
paces. The sex is hot and often, full of love and passion. I think they both had some limits tested. (Smiles) Their adventures were fun made me laugh, I loved George, didnt like Lucy at all. The way Cole cared for Sera was awesome, sera herself showed her love for her Demon
, more than ready to help him fight. She did go against her family when they came looking for her. Again Sera like a impish child, with her want to try everything even after being warned. I loved the first one and loved this one. I cant wait for Cole and Sera's next adventure. Bring it on!! Enjoy.

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