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Roseanna’s Satin Sheets Romance Review of Winter’s End By Clarissa Cartharn

      Winter's End
         Author: Clarissa Cartharn ( Click to be directed to her site)
                 Genre: Contemporary Romance 
                     Length: 305 pages

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 A woman torn between two men-One she once loved and another who threatens to destroy all she's worked for. 
Tormented by the rumors plaguing her once loveless marriage, young widow Emma Winston escapes to Breakish in the Isle of Skye with her two children. But her hopes of a new beginning is shattered as she finds herself torn between the man she once loved, her brother-in-law Richard Winston and wealthy, handsome playboy, Chris Cameron who threatens to destroy everything she's accomplished if she doesn't accept his offer of a convenient marriage.
Will Emma finally learn to follow her heart?

Roseanna's Review:

*There are slight spoilers that were unavoidable to accurately describe what I thought of this book. I tried to limit them. *
 I am on the fence with this book.  The overall beginning has too much of going back and forth from present day to past. I generally like to read about things happening as they occur, or just a reflection or two of the past, but the amount of energy keeping up with past and present was just too much. It would have been better to have one chapter in the beginning set up the stage for current day.  After many chapters in, the big build up was occurring, and the time hopping stopped. I began to actually like Emma and her little family. New characters were coming into the story, and it worked well. From the synopsis of the book, I was expecting Richard to follow her to the Isle. After reading him showing up, I don’t really think that he followed her, as much as was just checking on her. Richard was weak willed and a total let down to me. I am trying not to give too many spoilers here; it’s tough because to say what I did not like about the book does give spoilers away. So I will do my best here. After Richard left the Isle for business, she is left looking for a date to a dance. Considering her options, which were funny to read about, she decided to let Ethel fix her up. Let’s just say it turned out to be the date from Hades. Ugh, I would have clubbed the guy with my shoe! Meeting every dating disaster, the date ends. But then suddenly she is supposed to not only see the grandson of her friend, they propose the most outlandish situation. This is where Emma starts going weak willed. She follows what everyone is telling her to do, blindly.  This leads up to her standing ground with Richard, and she comes to realize her relationship/feelings with Richard may not be all they seemed to be. So she follows this plan to appease her friend and Chris’s grandmother.  Chris’s behavior was all over the freaking place, made me wonder if he needed medication. Seriously, I did not think their relationship ever blossomed. Near the end, it was like oh yeah, I love you. Really? Didn't see that one coming. The end was so rushed, and it seemed so forced compared to all the other chapters of this book.  I did enjoy seeing and the development of other relationships in this book like between Ethel and the children, and some of the children and Chris. Nancy and Theodore were great sub characters. The romance level of this book is practically nonexistent.  Honestly, if the writer left off the forced romance side of the book while rewriting only the widow making a new home for her and her family it would have been much better. It could be about learning to live again after the death of a loved one. Or was he truly a loved one? It could have been about her focused on learning about the man she truly married, that this version hinted about.

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