Monday, October 28, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheet Review of Brave In Heart by Emma Barry

Monday-October 28,2013-Satin Sheets Review of Brave In Heart by Emma Barry

Title:  Brave In Heart

Author:  Emma Barry

Author’s Website:

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Length:  150 pages

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Theodore Ward is a man of deep passions and strong principles - none of which he acts on. So Margaret Hampton ends their engagement, breaking both of their hearts in the process.

Years after their estrangement, ardent but frozen Theo attempts to reconnect with Margaret. She is no longer trusting of the idea of romantic love, having become pragmatic and wary during decades alone. But with the drumbeat of the early days of the Civil War in the background, how can she refuse?

The courtship that results is hasty, reckless, and intense, fueled by contradictions between Theo’s willingness finally to change and Margaret’s fears about the future. Two smart, stubborn, fiery people will need to overcome the hesitancies of their hearts and the perils of battle if they’re ever to find happiness.

Angela’s Review:

                This was a true historical read set during the start of the Civil War, and the book was well-written in a grammatical sense.  The scenery was well-depicted, however I had mixed feelings regarding the pace of the storyline.

                The author did an amazing job at bringing the characters to life, and there were many heartfelt moments that brought a tear to my eye while reading. I totally got the need for the heroine to get out of a relationship, with a man who could not be prompted to action, but to give up love in exchange for a lifetime of teaching social comportment to young women, is hardly the better alternative in my opinion.

                By the middle of the read, I was a bit more hooked and loved the compassion Theo brought to the picture and the historical aspects of the Civil War. It took me longer to warm up to Margaret, as she was so distant for the majority of the read. Once she started showing her emotion, I enjoyed her character very much.  That is when the read became most enjoyable.

                                Overall, this story was okay. I found the ending to be a bit abrupt, as the sex scenes went from behind closed doors at the beginning to “in your face” towards the end. It was an awkward shift, and not at all the tone that was initiated at the beginning. If you like mid-19th century historical romances, Brave In Heart by Emma Barry is worth a try. 
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