Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Katie's Review of Dogs Aren't Men by Billi Tiner

Dogs Aren't Men
Author:  Billi Tiner
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Length: 266 pages

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Blurb: Rebecca Miller is a gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary understanding of animal behavior. She is leading a fulfilling life as the owner and operator of the Animal Friends Veterinary Clinic. Ever since her 30th birthday, her mother has made it her mission to help Rebecca find a man, get married, and give her grandchildren. But Rebecca doesn’t see the need for a man in her life. She has her dog, Captain, and that’s all the companionship she needs. However, her world changes the day she literally runs into Derrick Peterson, a gorgeously handsome ER doctor.
Derrick’s experiences with women have taught him that they are vain, silly, and untrustworthy. He keeps his relationships with them brief and superficial. However, he finds himself being irresistibly drawn to Rebecca. She’s smart, witty, compassionate, and very different from the women he usually encounters. Will Rebecca be the one to break down the wall he’s spent a lifetime building around his heart?

Kathie's Review: 

This is the first book I have read by Billi Tiner.  The book opens up in Dr Rebecca Miller’s office.  We get to follow her through the events of her day and get to know her and how much she loves her patients (and dislikes some of their owners).  When she meets Dr Derrick Peterson for the first time, I saw how she is immediately attracted to him.  However, on their second encounter, I found that he is a man with “blinders” on.  As the story goes on, we get to feel the intensity of the roller-coaster emotions both Rebecca and Derrick begin feeling towards each other. I couldn't put the book down.  I found myself on the edge of my seat anticipating that first kiss. 
 This is a sweet story and a great read!

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