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Guest Author - Sara Jane Stone #romance #CommandPerformance

 Do you remember the last book that kept you up all night?  The last romance novel you couldn’t put down?  I can’t recall the last title that kept me up until my youngest stood in her crib and cried out for me (at 5 in the morning), but I remember the first time I met Suzanne Brockmann’s Navy SEALs. 

Years ago, when I worked in library marketing, I was at a conference and scheduled to meet Suzanne Brockmann the next day for an event.  The night before, I decided to take a peak at HOT TARGET, the latest in her Troubleshooter series.  I loved romance, but had never read one featuring a military hero.  By the time the sun came up, I’d finished the book.  I’m sure I had dark circles under my eyes when I met Mrs. Brockmann that day—and I probably sounded like a fan-girl, gushing about how much I loved her book.  But I couldn’t help it.  Overnight I’d fallen completely and utterly in love with her Navy SEAL heroes. 

I left the conference and read every military romance I could get my hands on.  A few years later, I saw a book review for the nonfiction title HORSE SOLIDERS by Doug Stanton.  Army Rangers who rode into battle like modern day cowboys?  What a great idea for a hero!  And so I started writing.    

I knew I wanted to incorporate details from the Horse Soldiers’ ride, but the relationship between the injured, no-strings-attached Army Ranger, Hunter, and the military studies professor, Maggie Barlow needed to remain the focus.  And when it came to the intimate scenes, well, they had to be red-hot like the Blaze novels I loved to read!

Day after day, I sat down at my computer and wrote.  In the back of my mind, I wondered: will my story keep readers up all night?  Will they fall in love with the characters?  Unable to put into words that special something that kept me turning pages until dawn, I focused on writing from the heart.  With the help of a fabulous agent and a talented editor, I tried my best to craft a story and characters that would capture readers’ hearts—and fingers-crossed, keep them up all night. 

The early reviews suggest I succeeded.  Harlequin Junkie wrote, “I really liked Ms. Stone’s debut novel. Command Performance had just the right combination of romance, conflict and heat to keep my attention without any time-out for breaks. Yes, it is that good.”   Woot!  I kept at least one reader turning pages!  

Even so, I can’t say I’ve figured out that special ingredient that keep readers glued to their seats.  To all the readers out there, what was the last book that you could not put down?  And why? 

Wondering if you should add COMMAND PERFORMANCE to your to-be-read pile?  Curious about whether you’ll fall in love with my characters?  

Here’s a little more about my debut:       
Ranger Hunter Cross is the army poster child—excitement, danger and no strings in sight. And he's been in town exactly three hours before a curvy blonde named Maggie flashes him a look that says "You belong in my bed." It's a night of wicked satisfaction. And it's a night they can never repeat…. 
All Professor Maggie Barlow wanted was an orgasm—or three— from the dead-sexy Ranger. Having him as her official army liaison while she works on her new book? That wasn't in the plan. Especially when she learns that Hunter has orders to "control" her. Little does the army know that when it comes to their deliciously naughty nighttime activities, Hunter is at Maggie's complete command…. 

Happy Reading!
Sara Jane Stone

Author Bio:

After several years on the other side of the publishing industry, Sara Jane Stone bid goodbye to her sales career to pursue her dream—writing romance novels.  Armed with a firm belief that dreams do come true, she sat down at her keyboard to write fun, sexy stories like the ones she loved to read.  Sara Jane currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her very supportive real-life hero, two lively young children and a lazy Burmese cat.  Visit her online at, or become a fan of Sara Jane Stone on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter: @sarajanestone.

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