Monday, February 11, 2013

Susan's Satin Sheets Romance Review of Doctor, Doctor (Doctor's Orders) by Kassandra Cox

Title:  Doctor, Doctor (Doctor’s Orders) by Kassandra Cox

Book Length:  Approx.  37 pages

Genre:   BDSM, Erotica

Publisher:  Horny Devil Publishing
Buy Link:    Amazon
Author Website:

Blurb:   Dr. Mc-Sexy Joel is successful, gorgeous and desperately unimpressed by the women throwing themselves at him.

As stuffy patient advocates go, Mia is the exception to that expectation.

When a deliciously enticing submissive lands unexpectedly at her dominant feet, sparks fly as they explore the razor sharp edges of a forbidden seduction.

Susan’s Review

What can I say about a story that was absolutely hot, steamy and captivating, but only took a day to read? A great deal that's for sure...   Mia Delancey and Dr. Joel Hartline were impeccable characters that came together nicely.  Mia, a Domme at night and a patient advocate by day is instantly drawn to Joel and vise versa.  When a patient that Mia quickly sums up as being a submissive is treated by the young Dr. Hartline for bruises he assumes are due to domestic abuse he soon gets a crash course to being a submissive himself.  Mia’s submissive, if all goes well that is.  Mia hasn’t been able to think of nothing more pleasing, but first she must give him a glance of what the BDSM life is like, and then he has to agree to try it.

Joel has been lusted for by practically every woman in the hospital but has always vowed to never mix business with pleasure, yet once Mia walks into the picture he could think of nothing else but fulfilling his needs.  She was beautiful, sexy and pretty much under his skin in a matter of seconds.  Finding out she was a Domme only excited him more and he was undeniably in for a night to remember.  This story was so good it left me wanting more, so yes Kassandra, very interested in seeing more of Mia and Joel.   

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