Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nadene's Satin Sheet Review of The Thrice Princess by Drea Becraft


While her fate was set during the previous great wars of immortals, Anastasia Gruff is nothing but mortal until the night she stumbles upon a scene that turns her world upside down. Now, she struggles to adjust to a world where nothing is what it seems, and feels more at home than ever before.

Devlin Miconis, heir to the vampire throne, is facing certain death. When a mortal woman saves his life, and gives him back his soul, he must figure out how to repay her. Now that she has given him something to live for, can he protect her from those who mean her harm?

I received a copy of this book to provide an honest review.  I thought the concept of the story was good based on the blurb, however once I started reading I found a bit difficult to understand what was going on. The reason for this was that the story started in the middle of a scene. There was no introduction to the main characters. The character background was introduced about the third chapter of the book; it was at this point that I began to understand the concept of the story.
Anastasia, the main female character spent her life as a mortal.  She was surrounded by mystical beings but was not aware of who they were until that fateful night when she came to the aid of Devlin a vampire who was of a royal line.  This event changed her entire life as she knew it.  
Anastasia was a strong willed female who was not afraid to face danger. This would be as result of the fact that she had to fend for herself for most of her life. Because of who she was her life was in danger.
Devlin has been searching for his mate most of his life. His search ended the night that he was saved by Anastasia.  He was very protective of her even when she felt she did not need his protection.
The love scenes were graphic, hot and steamy. The story line was original and interesting.  Overall this was an OK read and the start to what may appear to be an exciting series.

Title has been awarded 3 Satin Pillows.


Heat Rating (Steamy- 3 candles)

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Drea Becraft lives in a little town in Northwestern, Ohio. Married to her high school sweetheart, she has spent most of her adult life devoted to her kids and husband.

As a stay-at-home mother of three growing girls, she often spends her downtime reading anything and everthing she can get her hands on.

Until her overactive imagination decided to give way to really good ideas for stories of her own. So In-between taking care of her children and running a very busy household. She began typing away at the keyboard.

Watching what is inside her head, as they are being molded into grand adventures, has been exhilarting.

One day her hope is to share all her dreams, one story at a time.


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