Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Krystal's Satin Sheets Romance Review of THE LAST EXECUTION by Jerrie Alexander

Title: The Last Execution
Author: Jerrie Alexander
Website: Author Website
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 394 pages

To survive, she must put the past behind her. To love, she must learn to trust. Homicide detective Leigh McBride's first assignment with the FBI brings her face-to-face with a past she's tried hard to forget. And when her temporary partner, a cynical ex-marine, lights a fire in her she thought long-extinguished, her darkest secret is threatened. Scarred both physically and emotionally, Special Agent J. T. Noble is a man of few words. He prefers to keep people at a distance--until he meets Leigh. He's attracted to her strength and drawn in by her secrecy. But in their line of work, secrets can be deadly. When the killer they are hunting aims his vigilante justice at Leigh's past assailant, the fine line between right and wrong blurs. To heal the past--and find their future together--Leigh and J. T. must learn that only through trust and forgiveness can love grow.

Krystal's Review...

Ms. Alexander did not disappoint. I loved her first book The Green-Eyed Doll and she delivered again with The Last Execution. The characters jump off the page and grab your heart. I fell in love with J.T. and shook my kindle in frustration every time both of the leads put their foot in their mouth. The humor is just my style, dry and sarcastic. The romance is heated and passionate. I was surprised by one thing in this book and that was the villain. I found myself sympathizing with him and I wonder if Ms. Alexander meant for that to happen. He was very human and through the book had his own journey and baggage to come to terms with. 

Great Book! I could not put it down. Can't wait to read more from this rising star!


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    Krystal, I'm sorry to be late thanking you for the awesome review. I'm thrilled you loved the story.

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  4. Fabulous Jerrie and well deserved.