Friday, May 10, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review for Cera's Place by Elizabeth McKenna

Friday, May 10, 2013-Satin Sheets Review of Cera’s Place by Elizabeth McKenna

Title: Cera’s Place

Author:  Elizabeth McKenna

Author’s Website:

Genre:  Western Romance

Length: 270 pages

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In 1869, San Francisco saloon owner Cera Cassidy offers redemption to any woman looking for honest work. At Cera's Place, men can get a decent hot meal with a whiskey, but if they want anything more, they have to take their desires elsewhere. One summer night, a distraught Chinese girl bursts through the swinging doors with a shocking tale of murder, kidnapping, and prostitution. Outraged, Cera vows to set things right.
Jake Tanner, a scarred ex-soldier haunted by the horrors of the Civil War, is on a mission to fulfill a friend's dying wish. The trail has brought him to Cera's door. Captivated by her Irish beauty, he wants to join her fight - but will she let him?
Elizabeth McKenna's debut novel is a fast-paced adventure filled with memorable characters that will leave you wanting more. Get lost in a time gone by and fall in love today!
Angela’s Review:            
Set in the Mid-1800’s of San Francisco, Ms. McKenna brought to reality the suffrage of the Chinese immigrants in this time period. Filled with tension and action, this read was incredibly entertaining.  

    Jake Tanner’s characteristics were well detailed, and based on that alone it was very easy to connect with him.  However, there is mention of a scar upon his face that was received during the war but I was unable to really get an image of any of his other physical attributes.  That said, it still do not take away from his powerful presence or his big heart.
                     Cera Cassidy was a woman of the 1800’s trying to defy the odds. With a tattered and haunted past, this heroine is amazingly strong, in mind, spirit and body. Loved her! A woman owning a business was unheard of, but I loved how her character always rooted for the underdogs. She was amazing and it was no wonder Jake fell “spurs over heels” in love with from the beginning.       
     Even though none of the secondary characters were blood related, I love the camaraderie between the secondary characters, that Cera had give hope to, and that in a time of trouble...nobody bolted. They truly were a family, and I loved that feel throughout the book. It was very obvious that the author did her research of this era, and I love a love it when I can get lost in another time period while absorbing in pieces of history. If you love historical, suspense and westerns you should definitely read Cera’s Place by Elizabeth McKenna.
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