Friday, April 5, 2013

Angela's Satin Sheets Romance Review of The Talisman by Deborah Gafford

Friday, April 5, 2013-Satin Sheets Romance Review for The Talisman by Deborah Gafford
Title:  The Talisman
Author:  Deborah Gafford
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Genre:  Historical Romance
Length: 367 pages
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Scottish Highlands   A.D.1507

When Ailis O'Brien's family is murdered in the Highlands, she vows to find the murderer and repay the blood debt. Though not of his clan, Laird Gavin MacPherson vows to aid her. Will their growing love fill the emptiness in their hearts or will the secret of the talisman shatter it forcing them to choose between love and vengeance?
Angela’s Review:
Set in 14th Century Scotland, The Talisman was everything I adore in a Scottish romance. From the very first pages, the author weaved a compelling, suspenseful story that continued through the entire read.
I don't want to minimize Gavin MacPherson's braw, kilted-sexiness, but it was his fierceness and kind-hearted mannerisms that caught my eye. Taking his responsibilities for those under his protection was true to the alpha male trait. Love! Also, having his character swear off marriage from the start of the story was a brilliant twist that only enhanced the sexual tension between him and Ailis and kept me turning the pages.
Unlike most typical Scottish romances, Ailis O'Brien was not a Scottish lass, but I loved the blend of the two Celtic heritages together. She was a wonderful heroine that possessed all the qualities I love in a heroine: Perseverance, Intelligence and Stubbornness. It was impossible not to feel her character's heartache at the tragic loss of her family, and it was so touching to see Meggie immediately embrace the odd girl.
Though the story's focus was primarily around the hero and heroine, Ms. Gafford has the amazing ability to create strong supporting characters and that added to the strong-knit feel of the clan. To me it was the epitome of how a 14th Century clan would have operated.
The author's knowledge of the country and the era is evident throughout the read. I loved her usage of the dialect and unique language of that time period. If you're a lover of historical romance, especially those with a Scottish flare, you do not want to miss out on The Talisman by Deborah Gafford.
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